Entrepreneurial Common Sense

People often call it 'outside the box' thinking.
We call it Entrepreneurial Common Sense.
You may think that common sense is not all that common.
If so, Entrepreneurial Common Sense is a rarity.

To help young entrepreneurs, Peter Cahil has written a paper on Entrepreneurial Thinking
Read The ABC Principle


The founder of Domain Hill, Peter J Cahill, is also an engaging and entertaining speaker. His specialist areas are Property, Motivation & Empowerment, and Entrepreneurship.

Our favourite inspirational quote comes from Kerry Packer when he was questioned by a journalist many years ago.

Q: Mr Packer, why are you so much more successful than anyone else?
A: Because I make more mistakes than anyone else.

This painting is part of the Entrepreneur Motivator series of artworks on display at ‘Smith Street Lofts’ in Fitzroy - a successful commercial development undertaken by Domain Hill.